What to do with Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory? An Interview with Jacques Rancière

Andrea Allerkamp, Katia Genel, Mariem Hazoume


What to do with Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory? An Interview with Jacques Rancière

Conducted by Andrea Allerkamp, Katia Genel, and Mariem Hazoume

Translated by Owen Glyn-Williams

This interview was originally published in French as “Que faire de la théorie esthétique d’Adorno ?”in Où en sommes-nousavec la Théorie esthétique d'Adorno ? (Pontcerq, 2018).


Rancière; Critical Theory; aesthetics; dialectics; emancipation; Adorno; Frankfurt School

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/jffp.2019.896

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